The Higher School of Communications is the youngest higher education institution of academic and master studies, specializing in programs of culture, media and communication in Serbia. The School educates future graduates and MA communicologists and MA culturologists through modern and innovative curricula of four-year academic studies with 240 ECTS.

Educational advantages of the our School are:

The first and only basic academic studies of Contemporary Cultures that educate staff for work and academic careers in institutions of culture, institutions, education, public and business sectors. Acquired Academic Title Graduated Cultural Center (A closer definition in the Diploma Supplement: Graduated Culturalist of Contemporary Culture).
Integrated Basic Academic Studies Communication, which educates personnel for work and academic careers in the fields of media and journalism, marketing and public relations. Graduated title: Graduate communicologist (Closer entry in Diploma Supplement: Graduate Communication Media and Communication).
Master Academic Studies Culture and Communication educates personnel for an academic career and involves in a working process with an acquired title Master Cultural or Master Communication.

The organizational advantages of the School are:

Innovative curricula designed according to the interests of young academics and the world of work, thus achieving maximum results in learning and gaining professional competencies necessary for effective inclusion in the world of work and further academic development.
Working in small groups enables the focus of students and teachers and raises the level of cooperation in learning.
The development of personal skills and creative abilities of students is achieved through activities and segments of creative work with students in our workshops.
The enhanced service package provides students with many benefits in organizing, managing time and resources during the studies.


For all of the above, as well as other benefits of studying at the Higher School of Communications, find out more detailed information on appropriate websites or contact us by e-mail or phone.

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