Dear colleagues,

Prof Dr Boban Tomic, Dean

Choosing a profession and a quality higher education institution in which you will study is surely your most important challenges during studding. Recognize the rights of the profession that will be sought in the future and find the right higher education institution where you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for the chosen profession is the key to career success! Surely we agree!

The Faculty of Communications is the youngest higher education institution in Serbia, and we have been founded with the goal of enriching the professional choice and providing everything that students need to successfully master the skills and career development skills. We see the study as a dedicated process in which the knowledge and experience of teachers with the ambition and interest of students are combined. In the dynamic interaction of such a meeting, we enable students to acquire the most important knowledge and skills to develop key competences with which they will be able to progress through the world of work and further learning. We are committed to our future graduates being sought in a way that jobs and chances find them.

Communication and culture are the basic educational-scientific areas for which we are accredited, but our development projections are much broader and cover the field of social-humanistic sciences. We are accredited for the education of graduated communicologists of media and communications, graduates of cultured contemporary culture, masters of communication and masters of culturology. In the process of education, we are guided by the highest principles and standard modern higher education, in the manner that it recognizes and projects the academic and scientific community in Serbia through applicable laws, regulations and standards.

Studying for professions in culture, media and communications today is very popular, but we see it as a challenging venture, full of chances and opportunities to gain a lot of knowledge, skills and enrich the personal and social competencies of students. Our programs are designed in a modern way, through the analysis and research of contemporary studies in Serbia and the world, we have come to a quality curriculum created by top young experts in the field of culture and communication. Study conditions in our country are tailored to the individual. Working in small groups, commitment and selection of teaching methodologies, pedagogical, didactic and logistic resources guarantee that studying will be a content, creative and responsible process.

We take care of culture of broad social integration and cooperation within the academic sector, but also with economic, scientific, professional institutions from Serbia, the region and the world. We are defined to apply and develop the process of studying on the principles of the Bologna Declaration and foster co-operation and mobility in the European educational area. Our diploma verifies are acquired competencies that will be valued and sought in the wider academic and creative space of Serbia and the world.

We expect you to join us! Whether as a student, associate, researcher, scientist … Cooperation is needed by everyone, sharing knowledge and skills between each other, improving both ourselves and the community we belong to. I believe that in the values ​​we advocate and the principles we are guiding, you will discover your own development perspective.

In my personal name and on behalf of all teachers and associates, I would like to offer you a warm welcome and I promise you full commitment, work, cooperation, mutual success and satisfaction with the results!

About all that you may be interested in about the studies will be informed by our advisers.

Thank you and welcome!

Prof. Dr Boban Tomić, Dean