High School of Communications is a name I first came across while usually flipping through news on Instagram. The name of the faculty got my attention a lot. And the fact that I saw the ad on such a popular social network, only encouraged me to find out something more.

Seeing something on Instagram for me means that within the current, in step with the times, it is easily accessible to the target group that he wants to reach, and yet briefly and clearly how much advertising on Instagram allows.

I opted for the direction of Communication because it offers a wide range of possibilities and encompasses my many interests.

The curriculum is not exclusively focused on journalism, but also includes marketing, languages ​​and cultural subjects. This kind of curriculum was something that I really found very interesting, and yet practical and applicable in the fast-paced world we live in.

Also, it is very similar to the profession I have been practicing for almost five years – modeling. Common to this direction and my profession are for me very important items and areas that have always attracted my attention.

This includes communications between large corporations (brands) and the public, public information, public opinion of various segments of the audience, organizing cultural events, planning marketing campaigns, etc.

The approach of professors at the faculty keeps pace with the idea of ​​this direction. We follow current events, look back at practical examples from everyday life and, most importantly, we have the opportunity to express our opinions and present our interests.

The areas we deal with expand my circle of ideas, encourage me to think critically and require constant information about current events both in our country and in the world. One of the things I like the most is that all this goes along with a general cultural education, getting to know the terms from everyday life and defining some phenomena and phenomena that we encounter.

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