Studying with us brings several important advantages. Working in smaller groups encourages students to be creative, inclusive, and productive in teaching and extracurricular activities. Schooling in smaller institutions allows teachers greater commitment to students, better interaction and a focus on cooperating in mastering teaching materials.

Graduate and Master Communication Scientists and Cultural Scientists are looking for: Institutions of Culture, Cultural Centers, Galleries, Museums, Educational Institutions, Libraries, Professional and Inspection Jobs in Public Administration and Local Government for Culture, Parts of Higher Education and Science, Media, Public Opinion Researchers, Marketing agencies, public relations agencies, marketing and public relations jobs in business corporations and businesses, parts of higher education and science.


Key benefits of studying at the Higher School of Communications:

Support students through scholarships and benefits
Excellent discounts for excellent students
Mentoring in small groups
Special language support for foreign students
Every generation of students has a class leader
Provided quality professional practice
Free access to all creative workshops and projects
Two foreign languages of choice during your studies
Using e-portals and e-learning platform
Application of new technologies in practical teaching
FREE Certified Personal Skills Development Training in each semester
European recognized diploma in Bologna
Special support for students from abroad for accommodation, food, social and sports life

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