The School of Communication gives its contribution to the development of scientific youth and through scholarship programs. In order to create equal conditions for all and make the study accessible to those who do not allow financial opportunities, we have developed programs of our scholarships for students of elementary and master academic studies.

We provide the following scholarship programs:

Full scholarships: We grant a full scholarship covering 100% of tuition fees to another student if two students come from the same family. During the pre-enrollment and enrollment period of each school year, we are considering the received applications for the award of a full scholarship, which includes covering the cost of annual tuition fees and after the selection, we grant scholarships to students who meet the requirements for granting the full scholarship.
Partial scholarships: By the same procedure as for full scholarships, we approve the reduction of tuition fees for students who live in foster families or have only one parent. Additionally, students who have a strong need for care and/or therapeutic treatment can receive additional discounts. Students who earn the average of studies in the previous year higher than 9.00 receive scholarship reductions of up to 40%.
For our scholarships and facilitation fees, students who primarily give excellent results in attending and mastering teaching and learning materials can apply. When granting scholarships and facilities, we take care to help students whose personal and family needs need support.