Unique one-year Master Academic Studies designed for students who want to advance academic knowledge acquired in four-year studies of the first degree. By choosing one of the two modules and mastering the program, the academic title Master Culturologist or Master communicologist will be awarded and will win 60 ECTS. Flexible and reliable program for continuing working, academic and scientific careers abroad.

The objectives of the program include:

  • acquiring knowledge, understanding and skills for the development of the creative abilities necessary for performing communication activities, along with knowledge of contact areas, especially culture and art.
  • expanding existing ones and acquiring new knowledge needed to master complex work in practice
  • development of research and scientific competences and successful preparation for continuing further professional development
  • mastering skills in real-life situations, but also skills for teamwork and collaboration.

Master academic studies last for one year. By completing one of the two modules in this study program, students earn 60 ECTS and the academic title Master communicologist, that is Master Master.

Upon completion of this program, the master communicologist and master culturologist are trained for successful work on higher organizational and managerial positions, as well as for the independent realization of professional and research projects and projects in science.