All students have the right to attend creative workshops organized by the School with the aim of enriching the learning process and contributing to the development of students’ personal and creative skills. Creative workshop programs are free of charge and take place each semester according to students’ interest.

We organize various forms of social activities for our students. We do some activities at school and some outside. We organize social activities that are educational and related to the development of personal skills after classes and in our spare time.

At the moment, the School is organizing four creative workshops covering a wider creative spectrum of knowledge and skills:

RTV Media Academy
Photo Video Production
Literary workshop
Debate Club

Each workshop is led by experienced and experienced practitioners in the field, who take the participants through an elementary of theoretical knowledge and most practical exercises, instruction, training and tutorials. The work is in small groups and is tailored to the students’ personal interests and affinities.

Workshops are organized over a period of 10 to 15 working weeks, in the periods provided for in the plan of the workshops and outside the regular classes and exercises. The aim of the workshop is not to replace classes and exercises, but to supplement and enrich them. Submitted workshops can be recognized as part of students’ pre-exam obligations in the relevant subject of the study program.

The workshops are voluntary, extracurricular activities of students and students who successfully master the program receive a special certificate of completion of the program.

In addition to creative workshops, the School organizes students in sports activities. All students have the opportunity to be active in one of the school’s sports teams, which the School supports financially and organizationally.

The student life of the School is enriched with sports facilities that are realized through different types of sports that students are interested in every year.

At the beginning of each school year, students are surveyed about the desired sports sections and, in accordance with their interests, the School provides adequate equipment, time and space for training and participation in various competitions.

We especially help our visiting students to use their time in Belgrade to get to know not only Belgrade, but also the interior of Serbia. The school also runs a Mountaineering Club that brings together students and teachers eager for adventure in nature and exploring the most beautiful mountains and natural values of Serbia and surrounding countries.