The Higher School of Communications is the first independent higher education institution in Serbia, which conducts specialized higher education courses in teaching and research fields of communication and culturology.

At the moment when the region’s markets lack well-educated mass communication specialists and ranked among the best in the list of desirable occupations, the School is the first in Serbia to fully integrate communication studies with contemporary culture studies, but adapts to the real needs of the market and the world of work. In this way, students from Serbia and the region are provided with education that meets the highest educational and professional standards and provides students with a European Bologna diploma, which guarantees education according to the top study program for communication and cultural sciences.

Teachers at the School are local and international experts in teaching, science, and practice. Thus, in the education of experts in the field of communication and contemporary culture, teachers and scientists with many years of academic experience, owners and directors of leading regional public relations agencies, directors of corporate communications of domestic and foreign companies, as well as communication advisers from the non-governmental sector, state institutions and political parties.

By combining academic knowledge and upgrading examples from practice, students are able to master the overall communication management system, and in partnership with leading PR agencies, companies and institutions, students have the opportunity to acquire the necessary practical experience from the real sector. Apart from the regional ones, School lecturers come from the world’s leading higher education institutions, and the classes take place in Serbian and English.