The School develops resources and programs for the needs of students and the community, thus educating academic experts who are highly competent in applying scientific and professional achievements in work practice and their own productive development.

The School Vision complement the following values:

The Faculty has contemporary study programs designed and directed towards the applicable competences of graduate students and their affirmation in the work environment, in Serbia.

The School has internal resources: highly dedicated, committed, motivated and competent teaching and non-teaching staff, material-technical, technological, didactic, methodical and methodological environment, organization and sources of funding, supporting creative academic environment, ensuring the trust and support of employees, their families, academic and social communities.

The School develops scientific research with the aim of stimulating science and helping the social and developmental development of Serbia, affirming young scientists and acquiring funds for expanded reproduction in the School. Self-evaluation and quality policy ensure the integrity and long-term preservation and improvement of the value of the School for the benefit of founders, employees, students, academics and the broadest social community.