Our study programs are implemented for four years through eight semesters. Each semester contain 15 working week. Fall semester begins in October and ends in late December. The spring semester begins in February and ends in May. During each semester, students take 7 or 8 courses for 300 school class (one school class is 45 min.). An average of 60% of classes and 40% of practice. At the end of the successfully completed semester, the student earns 30 ECTS. At the end of the year, the student wins 60 ECTS. Average is 10 school classes per 1 ECTS.
The schedule of courses with associated ECTS and number of school classes, by semesters and years of study is listed on a separate page describing the study programs.


Graduate programs (240 ECTS)

  1. Communications
  2. Contemporary Cultures

Master program (60 ECTS)

  1. Cultures and communication