The High School Communication School stand was very visited during the two days of the 15th EDUfair Education Fair, which took place on March 9 and 10 at Belgrade’s Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Together with the most eminent domestic and popular foreign faculties, the VŠK has had the opportunity to present its range of offers in direct contact with interested candidates, clarify various options in selecting certain study programs, and in a live conversation to detail the visitors about the studies and professional abilities it offers. Thus, high school students, parents, students and young professionals at the stand received information about the programs realized by our School as the youngest independent higher education institution specializing in basic and master academic studies in communication and cultural studies. And these are the basic academic studies of Communication that educate personnel and academic careers in the fields of media and journalism, marketing and public relations. Then, the first and only basic academic studies of Contemporary Cultures that educate staff for work and academic careers in institutions of culture, institutions, education, public and business sectors. As well as Master Academic Studies of Culture and Communication about which the visitors were directly informed by the Coordinator of Teaching and Deans.

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