Communication science is a young science, and it is increasingly engaged in topics and issues that have, until yesterday, given classical scientific disciplines and social sciences such as sociology, psychology, linguistics, literature, art theory and even cybernetics. The multidisciplinary character of communication is becoming increasingly evident in the new social conditions and the scope of the development of information and communication technologies.

Communication studies have become very attractive to a large number of young people who are thus becoming universally educated for a wider range of areas, thus gaining key competencies to deal with more occupations and jobs during career development. Graduated communicologists become a kind of new fella of intellectuals who successfully performs tasks in social and economic activities, as well as public administration. The broad scope of education, enriched with the practices most commonly used during the studies, enables the functional involvement of graduate communicologists in numerous fields of culture, media, communication, marketing, PR, management, education and even security.

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